Evacuaciones Cad-Projects 1.1.0

This plug-in can be used with AutoCAD to simplify the process of determining evacuation routes and distances.

Install & uninstall.

A package can be deployed using an installer, such as MSI, or manually copying the files and folder structure to the ApplicationPlugins folder "C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\". For applications downloaded from Autodesk Exchange, deployment of the package is done using an MSI installer. The Evacuaciones Cad-Projects 1.1.0 plug-in is automatically installed from Autodesk Exchange APP Store.

By default, plug-ins are automatically registered with AutoCAD and when a new plug-in is installed during the current session. The load behavior for plug-ins is controlled with the APPAUTOLOAD system variable. When APPAUTOLOAD is set to 0, no plug-ins are loaded unless the APPAUTOLOADER command is used.

To uninstall this plug-in you can go to the plug-ins tab, click the icon Exchange App Manager, select the application from the list, and with the second mouse button click the uninstall option from the dropdown menu. If the option is not available, open a new window browser file . In the address bar type "C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\" and press enter. The folder containing the application files will open. Locate the "Evacuaciones_1.1.0.bundle" folder and delete it or move it to another location.


Autodesk Exchange App Manager Window.


Another option for uninstall the application is do it in the control panel, in the Programs and Features Window. To do this you need to go to Control Panel \ Programs \ Programs and Features, select Evacuaciones_110 in the program list and click the Uninstall button in the options bar. Also you can click with the right mouse button on the icon of the application and select Uninstall.

Programs and Features window in the Control Panel Window.



To activate the product enter your email address in the text box below and click the "Product Key Request" button.

We will receive an e-mail with your request and we will respond shortly to the address specified with your product activation key. You will also receive a copy of the e-mail of the request in the specified direction.

The e-mail to request your product activation key must be the same used to make the payment through Paypal from Autodesk Exchange Apps store.

The time to receive the activation e-mail can vary between 1 and 2 days from we receive the e-mail application, it checks your purchase and send you the product activation key.

If you have a product activation key enter the e-mail of the request, the Product Key and click the "Activate" button.


Product activation window .


Additional Information.


Known Issues.



For more information on other plug-ins and utilities visit Cad-Projects.org.

Información de soporte.

For additional help or support related to this plug-in, email appexchange@cad-projects.org

Version History

Beta release
Original release. Created English and Spanish versions.